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Kansas Storytelling Festival

Bil Lepp, Headliner

Bil Lepp is five time champion of the West Virginia Liars Contest. He tells original, hilarious, tales that will bring a smile to the face of even the most ill-humored person at your event. Bil has been a Featured Teller at the National Storytelling Festival several times, and at The Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Bil is the author of three books of tales, four audio collections, and he has had stories published in several national magazines. Duke Divinity Magazine called Bilís stories, "Awe inspiring cathedrals of flapdoddle and bull." Bil has been telling tales for over fifteen years. He tells original tall-tales written by himself and his brother. Bil has been a regular at the West Virginia Liars Contest since 1990.

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Deeanne Gist

Gist will be signing books and speaking at the Kansas Storytelling Festival about WHAT TAKES SO LONG?: What Happens To An Author's Manuscript Once It Is Sold--From Contract to Store Shelves. The publishing of a novel takes a huge collaborative effort--some of which is in the author's control, much of which is not. Gist starts with a 500-page manuscript, then shows how it is transformed into a bound book via color slides and physical samples of books and cover jackets in various unfinished forms.

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Dino O'Dell
"Dino O'Dell's Music Party Extrordinaire!"
Dino O'Dell, of Kansas City, Missouri, combines music and storytelling with audience interaction.  Dino, a retired school teacher and touring musician, utilizes varying musical styles, including polka, rap, county and rock'n roll, combining them with stories that run the gamut, from meeting a space alien whose ship has crashed to swimming in a pound filled with peanut butter.

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